What am I doing?

Eleventy and making plans

I've got Eleventy projects, a WordPress project, and planning a couple of photography projects.

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So much WordPress

I've been busy with a lot of WordPress work. So busy that I haven't had time to update this site or launch the new design. I'm hoping for late next month or early December for launch.

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More updates.

Things I like to do

I like listening to music, watching films, photography, and hanging out with my cats and dragons.

Stuff I'm watching

We watch a lot of films and other stuff in my house

Current Obsessions

I got into watching all the Marvel movies and series during the pandemic and I love them. I've also been watching some of the work of Guy Maddin.

Answers to the important questions

Star Trek AND Star Wars. Yes, LOTR too. I will always watch a Twilight Zone marathon. Same goes for X-Files. I prefer subtitles to dubbed. Letter-boxed is better than pan and scan. I enjoy Rifftrax, MST3K, horror movies, and cult films. I also love art films and the intellectual stuff.

My Playlists

I'm always listening to something and I have playlists for everything. I find most of my music through suggestions from friends or from films. Here are some current favorites.

  • Work Mix 2: Neotropic, Flanger, Amon Tobin This is a playlist of music suggested by my son and a friend. It's great for working or relaxing.
  • Vulture Prince: Arooj Aftab My friend, Melissa, showed me this and I'm so happy she did. It's beautiful.