Me (Claudia Snell) in my office

Hi. I'm Claudia.

Eater of chocolate. Drinker of coffee.
Maker of web stuff. Friend of cats and dragons.


I'm always working on it

This site was my first Eleventy project. The first version went up in 2019. Since then, there have been a few different versions because it's my personal site and that's what you do with a personal site - continuously redesign. This is v6 and, like the others, is a WIP until I decide to rebuild or redesign it again.

  • May 20 updates: I redid the headers for the blog and posts and added images to the blog feed. I'll be creating and uploading images soon but for now, there's placeholders.

Recent Photography

What I'm Reading

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Team blog

Home Office

This is where we do our work. You may be asking yourself who the "we" I'm referring to is. I have a team of "talented" individuals who help me with every project whether I need it or not.

Music I'm listening to

I listen to a lot of music.

I'm not into any one particular genre all the time. I'm not concerned about when something was released. What I'm listening to depends on my mood and what I'm doing while I'm listening.

I find most of my music through recommendations from friends and co-workers. The result is a lot of variety in the things I listen to. I added this to my site to pass along some of the things I'm currently enjoying. I update randomly when the mood hits me.