Alice sitting on my desk blocking the monitor and preventing me from using mouse or keyboard

Alice President of Everything

Alice supervises everything everyone does. She's generally disappointed in all of us. Her hobbies include playing with crinkly foil balls, chasing her brother, and watching birds.

Andrei hanging upside-down out of his hammock

Andrei Chaos Engineer

Andrei is an amateur stuntman focused on creating chaos for no reason. His specialty is swinging from drapes. When Andrei isn't working he enjoys crashing my Zoom meetings and annoying his sister.

Portrait of Fellini.

Fellini Sidekick

Fellini actively tries to assist me with all the daily activities. He's especially interested in helping make coffee and preparing meals. Fellini enjoys soaking his feet in water, sleeping in boxes, and hanging out with Alice.

Portrait of Anakin.

Anakin Shadow Control Specialist

Anakin is obsessed with shadows and lights moving around on walls. He attacks all of them on sight. Anakin enjoys group parkour and laying in the bathtub.

Portrait of Kubrick.

Kubrick Wellness Coach

Kubrick makes sure I take time each day to just sit and focus (on petting him). He also takes care of me when I'm not feeling well. When he's not working, Kubrick enjoys hanging out with his brother, group parkour, and watching movies as long as there's no big scary sounds.

Portrait of Raimi.

Raimi Lead Parkour Engineer & VP of Everything

Raimi leads group parkour sessions twice a day. He's second in command to Alice in his role of VP of Everything. Raimi is a fan of RiffTrax and bird watching.

Ash reviewing code.

Ash Web Developer

Ash works directly with me on most projects. She's usually found on my shoulder or laying across my desk. Ash enjoys going to festivals, shows, and reptile-friendly stores.

Kelly working on the team blog.

Kelly Director of Web & Social Media

Kelly works on the wfhOffice Drama Team's online presence. He likes staring at monitors and occassionally blepping them. When Kelly isn't working he likes to tease the cats. He also enjoys watching Avengers movies.

Read about their adventures on their Instagram. Blog and Twitter coming soon. Kelly's working on it as fast as his little claws can type.