Not a blog

Stuff I want to share but it's not enough for a whole blog post.

Changed my mind

I like the idea of having a dedicated online resume but decided Drupal was not the right tool for me for this project.

I've archived that project and redirected the URL to That new site will be there as a sample. I know it's a little confusing but I changed the URL to avoid having 2 sites called "resume". That would be more confusing over time.

Next step: I'm building my resume in Eleventy and will be launching as soon as I can. I'll also be making changes to this site as part of that project.


I built a new site for myself to support my job search. I'll be moving the relevant content there and removing or changing what I have here. The new site is built in Drupal (a first for me). My next project will be a rebuild and redesign of one of my old WordPress sites: TurtleboyBrew.

This week is busy!

My job search continues. I'm feeling good about everything so far. I'm reacquainting myself with Drupal by building a site this weekend. I'm still working on getting a demo version of this site and writing about this project. Lastly, no spoilers but, I am obsessed with Marvel's Loki series that's streaming on Disney+. It's glorious!

New Stuff

I've added a Netlify CMS and two new content areas to this site. I'll be creating a demo version and blogging about it soon.