I'm Claudia Snell, a front-end web developer and content creator from Worcester, MA.

For the past 13 years, I've worked in higher education as a web developer and as a digital media manager. Before that, I worked as a digital media producer and web developer for companies such as WBZ-TV/CBS, Worcester Telegram & Gazette/The New York Times Company, Hanover Insurance, and The MathWorks.

I studied graphic design and business communications at Assumption College in Worcester, Mass.

Contact me online on LinkedIn, or by using this handy form or Twitter @claudiasnell.


These are some of the places I've worked and some of the things I do. More detailed information is on my LinkedIn profile.

What I do

  • HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, PHP, Markdown, WordPress, Eleventy (SSG), Git SEO, UX/UI Design
  • WordPress Development | Written and Visual Communications | Accessibility and Inclusivity | Content Production and Planning | Social Media Management | Training

Where I've done it

  • Ellucian, Web Developer, 2017-2021
  • Nichols College, Director of Web and Social Media, 2010-2016
  • Nichols College, Webmaster, 2008-2009
  • WBZ/CBS Boston, Digital Media Producer, 2007-2008
  • Worcester Telegram & Gazette/NYT, Online Producer, 2006-2007

They say such nice things!

People who have worked with me have said things like 'Wow! She really helped me.' and 'She's so awesome!'.

"She is not only eager to stay on the cutting edge of what is happening in the social media whirl-wind around her, but she is intentional in helping those of us less inclined to feel comfortable with the medium."

"She was a team player, taking on projects from our department like they were her own, making positive suggestions, keeping the department involved and always with the focus on suiting and fulfilling our needs"

"She offered creative ideas, communicated clearly about the possibilities, got her shots without making extra work for anyone else, produced compelling photos and video"

I am looking for my next role.

Here's a little about what I'm looking for.

The college I was working at closed in September. Since then, I've been working on freelance projects while I look for my next permanent role.

A good fit:

I'm looking for front end development, WordPress development, implementation, or management roles. Social media and content management postions could also be a good fit.

Not a good fit:

Database, systems, or network administration, software engineering, technician, anything 'back end'.

I'm available.

Let's Work Together

I'm currently available for fully remote, full-time or contract positions. I will have availability for new side-projects in January, 2022.


I've been working in-house for several years. This has had an impact on my portfolio of current, relevant work. I'm currently working on projects to add to this space. For now, I have personal projects.

  • Women Worc Creator / Producer My blog supporting local woman-owned businesses and woman-led projects

  • Angle Of View Photographer / Videographer / Producer My photo/video blog. Currently working on a redesign.