Happy Adoption Day, Bertie!

From feral kitten to spoiled house cat.

Small white kitten sitting in a cat-loaf position in a bathroom sink.

We adopted Bertie from the Enfield Community Cat Project in Connecticut one year ago today. He and two of his brothers had been rescued from a colony of feral cats in Hartford, Ct.

This is the photo that was posted on the ECCP Facebook page that made us fall in love with this little guy.

Bertie hiding in a cat tube inside a mesh pet playpen.

Bertie laying in a cat tree and holding a play mouse. He's looking attentive.

Bertie sitting on our stairs and looking out between the banister poles.

When I brought him home, we initially had him in a playpen so that he could get used to being here but also have some personal space away from our other cats. It didn't last long.

Our adult cats were extremely upset that the new baby was 'trapped' and they immediately went to work trying to free him. Bertie was very interested in meeting the cats too so he ended up not needing the playpen for long.

Raimi, a large black cat, cuddling with Bertie in a box.

Andrei, a tuxedo cat, grooming Bertie's head.

Anakin and Bertie cuddling in a cat bed together.

Bertie has three 'mannies' - Andrei, Raimi, and Anakin. They've all taken on the role of parent to Bertie. Even though Betrie isn't a kitten anymore, they still treat him like he's their baby. Bertie loves the attention.

Bertie sitting inches away from a large television, watching a video of a butterfly.

Bertie sniffing a single cherry tomato in a white bowl.

Bertie, all grown up, laying in a cat tree, looking stratight at the camera. He's relaxed and happy.

He's settled into being a spoiled house cat very well. We all love him very much and we're looking forward to spoiling him for the rest of his life.