There's good news and bad news

My short update is too long.

Extended Update.

I finished work on my custom theme for my photography blog and also re-launched a very minimal version of my 'not nonsense' site. I'm working on re-launching my photography blog. NOPE. (Is this where I yell 'pivot' and pretend this is what I intended all along?)

Good News

The good news is that I haven't invested a lot of time in my "serious" site in, well... years, actually. (Long story. I should blog about it at some point). The other good news is that I wasn't that far into rebuilding my photography hobby blog.

Bad News

The bad news is my web host has had a series of big issues lately and I'm going to have to move my sites. Now. I had planned to do this later but they've moved the timeline up.

The Potential

I'm also rethinking whether my hobby site needs to be WordPress at all. More on that later but I'm leaning toward using it as a project to learn a new thing.