This site is ridiculous.

This ridiculous site is fast!

updated 7jun2024

I get it. This site doesn't have a lot going on so it's a lot easier to get it to perform well than something that's a lot more complex. That said, I'm super happy about how fast it is.

It's a personal site. It's purposely ridiculous. I did have to test, and adjust, several things though.

Lighthouse is almost perfect

On the 'heaviest' page, the one with all the team photos, it's almost perfect. I'll probably pick at it later to see if I can make it perfect but, in this case and for now, I do have to move on and focus on 'real' projects (i.e. projects that pay me).

screenshot of the lighthouse dashboard showing almost perfect 100s for every metric

I did get perfect scores on pagespeed.web though so there's that.

Similar results on my WordPress sites too

I did run these tests on my other two sites, and, and got similar scores and I'm pretty happy about that too.

** update 7jul2024 **

I changed the design back to "Space" so the site is slightly slower than it was because of the background image. The other design was all css and no background images.

I like this version better so I'm OK with this.